Two girls, Fiona & Pia, who happened to get chatting in a dive shop one day in Indonesia. Fast forward a year and a half later, and we are here to share our journey as we brave this crazy but beautiful world.

Our energy, interests and perceptions couldn’t be more similar at times. It’s refreshing to find people so alike. So when you do, make them your pal, and dream up crazy plans with them.




Hi my name is Pia, I’m 22 years old and describing myself is honestly harder than I thought. 

I grew up in a small village in Austria, with parents who luckily love to travel and kinda like made it a part of my education. 

Since my graduation I lived on 3 continents, made my bachelor degree, explored the beauty of Mother Earth, her underwater world and her diversity. I left pieces of my heart in places I thought I’d never see and met people I’ll remember for the rest of my life. What I learned from each and everyone crossing my path, despite the length and intensity of our encounter, can’t be described in words meaningful enough to reach my experience of it. 

I learned to trust strangers, that people from whom you expect it least, have the most to teach and say, such as incredibly strong thoughts and mindsets. I learned  that people come and go, some of them have greater meaning to you and impact on your life than others and sometimes it will even take you years to realize the purpose of your encounter. I learned that opening up and being vulnerable is crucial for real and deep connection and that it won’t be hard to crack your shelter open with the right people. I learned to value myself and set my boundaries. 

I don’t necessarily consider myself a traveller. I like to stay in a place for a few months, make it my home,  build myself a life there, meet people and make new friends until it feels right for me to move on to the next adventure. 

It’s my kind of movement, my kind of living somewhere in between having a plan and being completely lost.

I am a citizen of nowhere, finding my way and I absolutely love the idea of taking you along with me.